Top Posts

WordPress keeps stats on the performance of this blog’s posts. The following ten have been the all-time most viewed (as of January ’22):

  1. Kosuke Koyama on the Speed of God
  2. Ludwig Wittgenstein on the Resurrection
  3. Malcolm Gladwell on the Fundamental Attribution Error
  4. Aristotle on Recovering from Misfortune
  5. Letter from Elizabeth, Dutch Anabaptist Martyr (1573)
  6. Martin Luther on Temptation
  7. Rowan Williams on the Dark Night of the Soul
  8. Rowan Williams on the touch of God
  9. Herbert McCabe on Crucifixion and Resurrection in Trinitarian Perspective
  10. Rowan Williams on Marriage

I couldn’t say why these particular posts have stood out over others, but so they have. I’ll try to update this page should this list ever change.

Other posts, including some of my personal favorites, haven’t done as well. If I were to flag down some of these lower performers, it’d be ones like the following: