Building Blocks of a Theological Library

Nicholas Lash has remarked, not unreasonably, that “It is difficult to avoid the conclusion that devout and educated Christians who refuse to acquire a theological competence cognate to the general level of their education simply do not care about the truth of Christianity” (Holiness, Speech & Silence, 5). If that’s the case, then it’s incumbent upon theologians to help their fellow Christians attain this cognate competence. The following list, then, offers some suggestions for filling out your family’s “Library for the Christian Home,” as it were, and for filling in what ever gaps in your knowledge base you’d care to remedy. (You may find that your own tradition has equivalent resources that didn’t make this list. So long as at least the following categories are represented, there’s no reason substitutions can’t be made.)

Worship Aids

Doctrinal Standards



Theology, Philosophy, Ethics & Politics

Soul Care

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