Rowan Williams 2013 Gifford Lectures

I know I’m late to give notice to these, but I still think they’re worth sharing. Rowan Williams delivered the 2013 Gifford Lectures, a prestigious annual Scottish lectureship chartered to consider natural theology. The University of Edinburgh had the honor of hosting this installment. The series was entitled Making Representations: Religious Faith and the Habits of Language.

Its six lectures ran as follows:

  1. Representing Reality
  2. Can We Say What We Like? Language, Freedom and Determinism
  3. No Last Words: Language as Unfinished Business
  4. Material Words: Language as Materiality
  5. Extreme Language: Discovery Under Pressure
  6. Can Truth Be Spoken?

The first in the series can be viewed below:

The rest of the lectures are available for viewing HERE

Or if you’d prefer to read these lectures, they’re also available in an expanded form in Williams’ most recently released book:

The Edge of Words: God and the Habits of Language, (Bloomsbury, 2014).

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