Lutheran Reading Suggestions (2)

As the title indicates, this is a second offering of reading suggestions in Lutheranism. Last time I tried to string together some of the bigger splashes from the history of Lutheran theology (here). This time my aims are more modest. I just thought I’d shine a light on a few recent titles that aim to give the reader a sense for where the tradition has been over the course of its history. And I close with a gesture to what you can find Lutheran theologians turning out as nearest the present moment as I can get (though of course there’s plenty more where these came from). So, for those so inclined, consider the following:


  • Eric W. Gritsch. A History of Lutheranism. 2nd Ed. (Fortress, 2010).
  • R. Kolb, Dingel, and Batka, Eds. The Oxford Handbook of Martin Luther’s Theology. (OUP, 2014.)
  • Robert Kolb, Bound Choice, Election, and Wittenberg Theological Method: From Martin Luther to the Formula of Concord, (Eerdmans, 2005).
  • Arand, Kolb and Nestingen, Eds. The Lutheran Confessions: History and Theology of The Book of Concord (Fortress, 2012).
  • Mark Granquist. Lutherans in America: A New History. (Fortress, 2015).
  • Mark C. Mattes, Ed. Twentieth-Century Lutheran Theologians. (Vandenhoeck & Ruprecht, 2013).
  • Matthew Becker, Ed. Nineteenth-Century Lutheran Theologians, (Vandenhoeck & Ruprecht, 2016)

Theology and Ethics

  • Joel Biermann, A Case for Character: Towards a Lutheran Virtue Ethics. (Fortress, 2014).
  • Carl Braaten, Ed. Preaching and Teaching the Law and Gospel of God. (ALPB, 2012).
  • Jennifer H. Dragseth, Ed. The Devil’s Whore: Reason and Philosophy in the Lutheran Tradition. (Fortress, 2011).
  • Paul R. Hinlicky, Beloved Community: Critical Dogmatics After Christendom. (Eerdmans, 2015).
  • Ian A. McFarland, From Nothing: A Theology of Creation. (WJNP, 2014).
  • Joshua Miller, Hanging by a Promise: The Hidden God in the Theology of Oswald Bayer, (Pickwick, 2015)

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