when your enemies AREN’T God’s enemies

Link: Radner on the gospel and the perception of enemies

Just over a month ago Ephraim Radner, professor of historical theology at Wycliffe College @ the University of Toronto, preached the following sermon. I hope it reaches a wide audience — it deserves one. You can find it here: “Hope for Our Enemies.” His text was Acts 9:1-20, Ananias’s healing of Saul.

For those who’d prefer an abridged edition, Radner speaks to how “No one is beyond the work of the Living Lord. No one. [Even our enemies.]”

Don’t let this preview prevent you from reading the text in full, though; it’s worth the time to see how Radner reaches this point. It’s both a convicting antidote to self-righteousness and an eye-opening account of the scope of God’s mercy.

(P.S. for extra credit)

For another solid treatment of what the gospel has to teach us about our perceived enemies, consider the following sermon from Telford Work: “Bible Stories You Didn’t Outgrow: Jonah.”

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