Jesus Himself

What it’s about is Jesus Himself Herbert McCabe Jesus did not offer a new social theory, or a new religion, he did not offer even a full analysis of the contradictions of his society, he did not provide an ideal for a new kind of human community. He offered himself. Austin Farrer God does not […]

Herbert McCabe on de-centering God

Herbert McCabe on de-centering God I’m not sure what to make of the following remarks from Herbert McCabe’s God Matters. They make moves I wouldn’t have anticipated from him. This is of course part of their charm, but also their opaqueness. At the same time they both foreground the seemingly impersonal character of the classical theist account of divine being and […]

Kerr on Ernst and McCabe as readers of Wittgenstein

Fergus Kerr on Cornelius Ernst and Herbert McCabe as readers of Wittgenstein How, as theologians, did Cornelius Ernst and Herbert McCabe read Wittgenstein’s Investigations? Neither held the standard view that the Investigations is intended as a contribution to something  called “philosophy of language.” That (Ernst would have thought) is [a] kind of “trivialization” of Wittgenstein … . […]

Herbert McCabe on the sesquiguous

Herbert McCabe on the sesquiguous I should, perhaps, introduce here my invention of the sesquiguous, which lies between the ambiguous and the plonking or flat statement. The plonking statement is one-dimensional, clear, unarguable and unimportant: in theological terms it belongs to the pre-conciliar world of what were thought of as clarities and certainties. The ambiguous statement on the […]