The Difference the Ascension Makes

Two Takes Nicholas Lash Luke’s account of the ascension can only be understood if we resist the modern tendency to carve up the paschal mystery into a series of separate ‘events’. The death and glorification of Christ and the outpouring of the Spirit constitute one event, the salvation-event. … What practical difference would it make […]

The Christology of Prayer

He is our mouth by which we speak to the Father; our eye by which we see the Father; our right hand by which we offer ourselves to the Father. Save by his intercession neither we nor any saints have any intercourse with God. Ambrose, On Isaac or the Soul, 8.75 It is one Savior of […]

Jesus Himself

What it’s about is Jesus Himself Herbert McCabe Jesus did not offer a new social theory, or a new religion, he did not offer even a full analysis of the contradictions of his society, he did not provide an ideal for a new kind of human community. He offered himself. Austin Farrer God does not […]