McCormack on Barth on Prolegomena

Bruce McCormack on Barth’s case against Prolegomena Secularism as an argument for the necessity of apologetics was encountered by Barth in 1932 in virtually the same form in which it was expressed by Gilkey, Ogden, et al. Barth wrote, ‘At this point the customary procedure, followed with new zeal in modern work, is to indicate the […]

Karl Barth’s prayer for theologians

Karl Barth’s prayer for theologians Lead us not into temptation — into the temptation of an objectivistic consideration of God’s secondary and primary objectivity; a disinterested non-obedient consideration which holds back in a place which it thinks secure. Lead us not into the temptation of the false opinion that Thou art an object like other […]

John Webster on Barth on self-knowledge

John Webster on Barth on self-knowledge The earlier parts of CD III/2 devote much space to securing one conviction which is basic to Barth’s anthropology and ethics: the conviction that because human persons cannot be defined remoto gratia, apart from the covenant of grace which is the creature’s end, attempts to reach self-definition through self-reflection yield only delusion. […]