Readings on Robert Jenson

A Bibliography Bound to Grow

As the dissertations on Robert Jenson continue to roll-out (a happy circumstance!), I thought it might be worthwhile to start tracking the secondary literature already available on his work. Though there are numerous book chapters and journal articles engaging parts of Jenson’s theology, scattered throughout various sources, here I’m only interested in recording monographs. Here, then, in chronological order, is what I’m aware of at present (feel encouraged to point out omissions):

  • Colin Gunton, Ed. Trinity, Time, and Church: a Response to the Theology of Robert W. Jenson. (Eerdmans, 2000).
  • Russell D. Rook, Rhyming Hope and History: Theology and Culture in the Work of Robert Jenson. (Pickwick, 2012).
  • Scott R. Swain, The God of the Gospel: Robert Jenson’s Trinitarian Theology. (IVP Academic, 2013).
  • Stephen J. Wright, Dogmatic Aesthetics: A Theology of Beauty in Dialogue with Robert W. Jenson. (Fortress, 2014).
  • Andrew Nicol, Exodus and Resurrection: The God of Israel in the Theology of Robert W. Jenson. (Fortress, 2016).
  • Eds. Wright and Green, The Promise of Robert W Jenson’s Theology: Constructive Engagements, (Fortress, 2017)
  • Chris E. W. Green, The End is Music: A Companion to Robert W. Jenson’s Theology (Cascade, 2018).
  • Lincoln Harvey, Jesus in the Trinity: A Beginner’s Guide to the Theology of Robert Jenson (SCM, 2020).

On scripture’s role as theological authority

On scripture’s role as theological authority A. Robert Jenson There is no mandate to reproduce all apostolic theologoumena. Indeed, they are not guaranteed to be especially felicitous; we turn to the apostolic church not for the certainly best thought-out instances of gospel-speaking but for unchallengeable instances. … apostolic reflective activity — however profoundly or superficially […]