Robert Jenson on trusting God

Robert Jenson on trusting God

“All things are in God’s hand, all events are subject to his will. Therein is double offense. First, if all is in God’s hand, none of it is in ours, except as he takes our hand in his. … We do not want it to be that way; that we do not is what the Bible means by ‘sin.’ … The church praises God as almighty precisely to renounce such unbelief. Second, if all is in God’s hand, God’s hand is less comfortable than we would like. … If he is to be trusted, as the Decalogue demands, this trust is far riskier and its object far more mysterious than we want.”

Robert Jenson, A Large Catechism, 3rd Ed., (American Lutheran Publicity Bureau, 2013), 17-18.

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