Rowan Williams on the forgiveness of sins

Rowan Williams on the forgiveness of sins

“Belief in forgiveness is just as much a matter of faith as anything else in the creed. It is no more obvious and demonstrable than the existence of God or the divinity of Jesus Christ. This is perfectly clear if we think a little about the meaning of forgiveness and the realities of human existence and relationship. I am what I am because of what I have been and done, good and bad. My self is woven out of a great web of complicated motivation, reflections, intentions, and actions, some of which have turned out to be creative, while others have been destructive for myself and for other people. And mature persons need to be able to see and accept the inevitability of others – to own the whole of ourselves, to acknowledge realities both past and present, to destroy all the crippling illusions about ourselves that lock us up in selfish fantasies about our power or independence. I depend on the past, and it is part of me; to deny it is to deny myself. I am my history.”

Rowan Williams, A Ray of Darkness, 3rd Ed., (Cowley Publications, 1995), 49.

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