Austin Farrer on boredom in church

Austin Farrer on boredom in church

Well, but if I go to church, I’ll be bored, and I shall scarcely pray. True enough, you’ll be bored; and I dare say your spiritual resources are very limited. You’ll be bored: but God will be publicly honored or — put it negatively — at least he won’t be publicly insulted: and you, for his honor, will have endured to be bored. And what will be the effect of your being bored? Don’t you see that the effect of it is to throw you back on God? Why are you bored? Where are your spiritual resources? This is to make you know — I must be born again: or rather, since you have been born again, in the fount of baptism — I must dig away the stony rubbish, and let out afresh the fountain of living waters, which God has opened there, that it might spring up to eternal life.

from The Essential Sermons, (SPCK, 1991), 162.

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