John Webster on worship

John Webster on worship

[something I get tempted to forget]

the accumulated wisdom of the Christian tradition is this: assembling and meeting together is basic to the rhythm of the life of faith. It is not an option, something which we can drop in and out of as the fancy takes us. It is what God requires, and it is what builds us up. Our culture very easily relegates religion to solitude; it tempts us to replace worship by spirituality, and to think that the life of faith is just self-cultivation, growing a more interesting me. And to that we Christian folk must politely and firmly say, quite simply, no. God is honored by obedience to his command; and his command is that — however unappealing it may be — we must give ourselves to the public praises of his people.

From The Grace of Truth, (Oil Lamp, 2011), 124-5

See also, Austin Farrer on boredom in church

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