John Webster on the theological location of scripture

John Webster on scripture’s systematic horizons

A ‘doctrine’ of Scripture cannot be extracted from the web of theological convictions of which it is part. Doctrines of Scripture are never freestanding—even in those modern neorationalist theological schemes in which bibliology undertakes the role of epistemological foundation for everything that follows. Rather, doctrines of Scripture are bound up with (sometimes driven by pressure from) theological teaching about the nature of God and God’s communicative or revelatory acts, about Christ, Spirit, church, salvation, faith, and much else. Moreover, it is not only doctrinal convictions that exercise this kind of pressure on how the nature of Scripture is construed, but also other basic (and often subterranean) attitudes that form the particular dogmatic ‘dialectic’ with which a theologian speaks — views about distinction between God and the world, about the human historical condition, about knowledge and its media, about the operations of language.

from Scripture’s Doctrine and Theology’s Bible, (Baker, 2008), 106-7

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