Austin Farrer on discipleship

Austin Farrer on discipleship

We must abandon ourselves to the will of Christ if we are to be his disciples. The secret of it is, always to do cheerfully what the manifest will of God calls us to do. Let no one ask, Where is the will of God? Pray with your heart, and ask him the question. You will quickly be reminded of what he wants you to do. Your mother likes to have your letters: do you write? There is a not very successful person who wants a share of your company: do you brush him off? If you are to do good work, you must sleep: why don’t you keep proper hours? How do you employ your imagination when you are alone? Couldn’t you employ it better? I am talking of everyone’s omissions, everyone’s careless ways, merely to remind you that there is always a road along which you can put your good foot foremost in the doing of God’s manifest will. The trouble about us may not so much be that  we are ill-natured or vicious, but that we are just bad disciples. We do not do the things we are called to do, or we do them late, and with reluctance.

from The Brink of Mystery, (SPCK, 1976), 90.

One thought on “Austin Farrer on discipleship

  1. Sounds like Bishop Butler on following conscience. Discipleship is a system of excuse deprivation. We are not to use the flaws in human nature as an excuse. We are not to use ignorance of the imperative as an excuse. We are not to substitute promises of future action for what is due today. We need not see God’s will as a frustration of our self-interest but rather as a consummation of it.

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