R. T. France on typology

R. T. France on typology

Interpreters have often spoken of a sensus plenior, a “fuller meaning” in the OT texts, which the NT writers are able to perceive. Perhaps that is not the best way to put it. This new meaning is not something inherent in the OT texts themselves, so that any objective exegesis, Jewish or Christian, ought properly to perceive it. Rather, it is a new level of relevance, going beyond what the OT writer and the original readers could have perceived, which is now discovered by retrospective reflection in the light of NT events. Typology depends not so much on exegesis of the original meaning as on a theological hindsight informed by commitment to Christ as the climax of God’s work of salvation. It proceeds from faith rather than from objective literary analysis.

from “Relationship between the Testaments,” Dictionary for the Theological Interpretation of Scripture, (Baker, 2005), 669.

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