Telford Work on scripture

Telford Work on scripture as the church’s language

There is perhaps no adequate way to condense the main dimensions of Scripture’s relationship to Jesus Christ. But since twentieth-century philosophy’s linguistic turn, the term language has acquired a richness that makes it an appropriate term. Scripture is Jesus’ heritage, his horizon, his formation, his practice, his authority, his instrument, his medium, his teaching, his crisis and vindication, his witness, his confession, his community and his glory. The Bible is the very language of the Messiah.

[…] In describing the relationship between Scripture and Christ, we have all along been describing the relationship between those in Scripture and Christ. Holy Scripture is also the Church’s heritage, its horizon, its formation, its practice, its authority, its instrument, its medium, its teaching, its criterion, its witness, its confession, its community and its glory.

No other institution pervades the Christian life like the Bible. […] It is the language of the Triune God, the language of Israel, the language of Messiah, the language of the Church, and the language of salvation.

Living and Active, Eerdmans, (2002), 212, 269, 315.

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