Paul Holmer on Knowing God

Richard Rollefson on Paul Holmer on Knowing God

Although God is not an object, it does not follow that the language of faith is not a referring one. Again, because words do not refer by themselves, individuals have to learn to use the language of faith referringly. But the referring use of this expression means the qualification of our own character in such a way that we have a place for God in it; this is the inwardness that Kierkegaard speaks of, and, therefore, to know God, as Holmer puts it, “requires that we become Godly.” In this sense, the logically and Christianly proper referring use of the concept Godwhat it means to know God—is that we refer our lives to God. As Holmer writes: “This is what we mean by getting to know God—namely, that those who know him are those who worship him in spirit and truth.”

from Thinking with Kierkegaard and Wittgenstein: The Philosophical Theology of Paul L. Holmer (Pickwick, 2014): 111-112.

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