Ed Peterman on Fear of Life

Ed Peterman on Fear of Life

You see, if you are afraid of dying, then you will be afraid of living, and you will be afraid to be compassionate and kind lest you be taken advantage of. You will be afraid to be lowly and meek for fear of being powerless. You will be afraid to be patient and forgiving for fear of not appearing strong. You will be afraid to be thankful for fear of seeming dependent on others. All these fears are overcome when you accept the new relationship to your own life and death. If in Christ you are free to die and therefore free to live, your life will bear these fruits of righteousness and peace.

from Who Do You Say I Am? Sermons for Year B Mark (Practically Preaching, 2002), 33.

One thought on “Ed Peterman on Fear of Life

  1. seems to confuse fear of dying with fear of suffering, that said if only it was a foundational Christian belief that dying isn’t the worst thing that one can do (can happen to one) in life…

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