Austin Farrer on the eucharist

Austin Farrer on the eucharist “As a college chaplain celebrating early morning Eucharists, Farrer set himself the discipline of preaching a homily no longer than the lectionary Gospel text, while the congregation remained standing. Here is one such ‘Farrergraph’:” This sacrament is not a special part of our religion, it is just our religion, sacramentally […]

Austin Farrer on religion

Austin Farrer on religion Religion is not self-improvement, or decent conduct or emotional worship. Religion is fidelity. ‘Promise unto the Lord your God and keep it,’ says the psalm. But the fidelity which is the soul of religion is not our fidelity, it is God’s. We give ourselves to him in no reliance on our […]

Austin Farrer on charity

Austin Farrer on charity Now here’s the only thing I want to say to you in this sermon — that nothing will so much commend the gospel of God as charitable kindness: and that Christians ought to be found thrusting in wherever there’s kindness to be done, not bothering whether their fellow-workers or even those […]