Telford Work on science, religion, and reality

Telford Work on science, religion, and facing reality Literalistic creation science must disregard or distort the massive and accumulating credible evidence of humanity’s evolutionary origins and character as well as the signs that the Bible’s creation accounts are not literal chronologies. Intelligent Design theory, already unattractive to scientists as a “science stopper,” cannot match its […]

John Webster 2009 Hayward Lectures

And here’s another lectures series I’d like to share. Back in 2009 John Webster delivered the Hayward Lectures at Acadia Divinity College in Nova Scotia, Canada. It was entitled Creator, Creation, and Creature: God and His World.

Its three lectures ran as follows:

  1. God as Creator (posted below)
  2. God and Creation
  3. God and His Creatures

Though these lectures aren’t available in printed form, Webster is at work on a multi-volume systematic theology, which can’t be released soon enough as far as I’m concerned.