Telford Work on scripture

Telford Work on scripture as the church’s language There is perhaps no adequate way to condense the main dimensions of Scripture’s relationship to Jesus Christ. But since twentieth-century philosophy’s linguistic turn, the term language has acquired a richness that makes it an appropriate term. Scripture is Jesus’ heritage, his horizon, his formation, his practice, his authority, […]

R. T. France on typology

R. T. France on typology Interpreters have often spoken of a sensus plenior, a “fuller meaning” in the OT texts, which the NT writers are able to perceive. Perhaps that is not the best way to put it. This new meaning is not something inherent in the OT texts themselves, so that any objective exegesis, […]

On scripture’s role as theological authority

On scripture’s role as theological authority A. Robert Jenson There is no mandate to reproduce all apostolic theologoumena. Indeed, they are not guaranteed to be especially felicitous; we turn to the apostolic church not for the certainly best thought-out instances of gospel-speaking but for unchallengeable instances. … apostolic reflective activity — however profoundly or superficially […]